Ace in Raine's place (s2e07)


Yay! Suit Ace has arrived!


Suit Ace is kinda fit ngl

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why ace in a suit? that’s… Uh WiErD

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Because I wanted to shut up sum people in discord, also he had a date and got called into work midway it soo… yeah

So you gave in?

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I found some time to do it, so I decided to do it.

Nice, hopefully this’ll shut that bi- up

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Yup, I hope so too :,)

He took and edited your drawings without any permission

Mhm, that guy hasn’t been outside in long time.

I would yell at him to be honest

This does not fit Ace for me at all-

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What would fit him better?

his casual clothes

Fancy Ace slays :ok_hand::wine_glass: