Am I in the wrong?

Steve got hunter a PS5 that he confiscated from the Owl Lady last Titiansmist. Ever since, hunter has been going nonstop sbout ligma, candice, and bofa. I got tired of this and took away his PS5. He got mad at me and i was already having a bad day, so i acdidently slashed him across the cheek when i had a… moment. Am i in the wrong?:pensive:


You are very much so in the wrong!

Oh, alright then. Whats shpuld i do? Except giving him the PS5

You apologize to him…

I did but he didnt accept it!!

Oh, I don’t know what else could ever possibly make him forgive you…
I say this sarcasticly…

I know! Its weird! Ill talk to him later