Any theories from anyone about these two situations? 🥲


Ohhh, interesting, but no

Mat definitely is worried about Gus back at hexside. I just know it.
Luz won’t be able to beat the collector in a fight but will at least be able to hold him off until some kind of help arrives.
Alternative theory to the last one. Mama Camila might actually be able to “tame” the collector. Maybe Camila is the key to the final episode. I think Camila will stop all the fighting and make collector a good guy. (I know collector is technically good but the wording makes most sense)


Hunter will turn into a puppet trying to protect luz, willow or gus.


NO WAY huntlow is not dying istg I

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I just want to know a little more about the collector’s provenance, what are his origins and what does king’s father have to do with all this?

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King’s father trapped Collector

maybe a simular thing will
happen? Cause like in the new epi mat gained new confidence…


no more lumity in WAD

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i feel like they literally got shipped into existence yk what i mean

Willow will lose control of her powers and kill the collecter and Luz by accident

Luz can’t die that cant happen-