Any TOH shifters!

after a short break i wonder if theres any toh shifters :slight_smile:

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Well now you gave me an idea to make a script sooo Thanks!

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Wlecome back! Also, what are toh shifters

i had the same question i just didn’t ask it because social anxiety :melting_face:


That’s pretty sad

I do
Filler filler filler

WHAT IS IT what is a toh shifter someone tell me

Ok, so a shifter is a person who shifts. Shifting is basically moving your counciousness to another reality. So some people shift to toh and that’s why they are toh shifters.
(Sorry if I didn’t explain myself. I’m horrible at explaining stuff)

I still dont understand how shifting works. Like, i know what it is but arent you just dreaming or…

It depends on what you belive in.


Oh i do that all the time i have like 100 different universes in my head and i have my own owl house too

swag ; D thats pretty cool!