Dear people of penstagram

dear people of penstagram, draw me in your style (please) I will rate it out of 10 : )
edit, ik its a tad bit inconsistant but note i have bangs covering my left eye, freckles, a septum piercing, and a scar on my right eyebrow

Screenshot 2023-03-11 9.19.50 PM


Alright! I’ll start it now!

Can’t promise it will look good but hoping I remember I’ll have it done in between an hour and some time tomorrow.

Ill give it a go. But right now i have final exams to study for!! such high school things are keeping me from doing these things lol.

I accept your challenge mortal.

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Is it weird that I literally just had a dream about someone asking me to do this??

I tried


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how cute I love your style

I forgot about this anyways update: I tried and had a mental breakdown and now I hate myself and my low empathy anyways moral of the story dont draw

Ok now Im intrigued as to what people draw (I’m still learning to draw well) good luck artist’s! :grin:

good job :+1:

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good job :+1:

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