Does anyone ship Flapjack and Owlburt... Pls don't judge me

King: thank you for saying I am such an arousing of your curiosity and or interest.

I wish king was real- I would make him my little cuddle buddy

Yeah yeah I do too bud don’t we all aye.

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That would be my therapy lol

Ahahhaa same here… yeah… but the horns might poke me…

If his little horns poke me I wouldn’t care because I feel like the horns would be fairly dull

What about Pretty boy

what about him!!!

idk what that’s from-

Back Outback it’s back to the outback

Oh ok-

You don’t like em do you :pleading_face:

It’s cute but i feel like irl koalas aren’t exactly the nicest animals

Hmmm well they only become aggressive through human invasion or other potential threats to themselves or to their babies… and they sleep somewhere around 22 or 23 hours a day I guess and, hey climb high up the trees, so there aren’t much interactions with humans, they would probably climb higher on their tree to avoid you. But if they feel threatened or something they could become aggressive. Koalas have strong, razor-sharp claws that can cause severe injuries… So yes I assume you’re right but some domesticated ones aren’t that bad tho.

Maybe ghost x stringbean

Yeah! That woud be a cute little twist

I ship Clover and Flapjack. Is that just me?

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I never shipped palismens, but maybe?