Drawing my oc part 4

I’m bored, so any drawing ideas?


I’m not even gonna say any thing apart from this looks amazing

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Her leg looks goofy tho xd

Oh yeah I see it now lol

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goofy ahh leg its too curved on the thigh

i wish i could draw like that… :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Ello, I am the freind


Waiittt, your Cereal’s friend :open_mouth:
Hii :wave:

OMG ur @CyrusBlitz friend!!!? Welcome :smiley:

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Welcome to TOC lol! I hope my friends are giving you a warm welcome!

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Who is Cereal’s friend, is my friend too :>

Heh- Good to know lol

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Imma stole your friends >:)
(Just joking)

Yeah I know that’s a lie lol-

My hand just let out very un-happy sounding noicr and now it hurts-

Ok that’s not good-

cracks every bone in body

hey that felt- snaps neck

fcking dies


Holy frick r u alright XD

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