Duolingo! If you want to talk in chat Join now!

if u do duolingo this is the place to make conversations to try out the language!!
Hola buenos trades, tu eres gato?


:grin: :es: i think thats the spanish flag!

I haven’t used it in a while, I was learning English
You did good, just keep practicing

It should be buenas tardes, tardes is feminine and idk if you really are asking me if I’m a cat (people would use more often e¿res un gato? Instead of ¿Tu eres un gato? Not like it’s wrong or smth, we just don’t use pronouns all the time, not gonna give you a full spanish lesson, too lazy for this)

I used Duolingo a couple of years ago. Now I have it abandoned :smiling_face_with_tear:

oh no NOW hes gonna get u…

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lol its morning for me plus i asked if ur a cat!!!

Hola! No soy gato pero tengo dos como mascotas

:grin: Hola soy Viv Mi perro es :dizzy_face:

i have duolingo but i take italian and polish there so idk any spanish , tho i did take it a few minths ago

Haha it’s been a year ever since I don’t take my silly Duolingo lessons hope I don’t find a green owl (I’ve been doing my aunt English lessons for like a year, she forces me to help :skull::+1:)

Uh oh-

ay we no c we, quizas me sale mal el portugues pq lo abandone we,

A maca e roxa

Ay we me salio mal no we?

Creo q quisiste decir “maça” :nerd_face::point_up_2:

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omg i just looked douilingo memes and then the FBI came :face_with_peeking_eye:



yknow i would try speaking russian but i dont have the lettery keys nor do i know enough words-

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Hello, good tardes, yes i am a cat🐈

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i could help you if you want me to

SLAY!!! BE UN GATO!!! ( in french thats cake)