[ENG] The Hardest Thing Designs (CALAMITY EX)

:bangbang:-Spoilers for The Hardest Thing. :heart:

I really enjoyed the series finale of Amphibia, and how it was ended, I was glad to see that Matt and the team really cared about this show, and wanted to unleash its full potential. So I am going to discuss some of the designs and what I liked about them or disliked. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

Calamity Anne EX
OKAY let’s start off with Anne, because we all know that this was an emotional rollercoaster for all of us. I loved the Calamity Anne EX design so much and I love how they implemented the sticks and leaves into her hair. The suit was amazing and the headband topped it all off perfectly. I really liked the gold and blue compliment colors along with the white. The cape helps bring the whole suit together, and I like how they implemented the armor and her skirt into the entire thing. The only thing I would say could’ve been added was… well nothing! This suit is a solid 9/10, even for the main character.

Calamity Sasha EX
Okay I to be honest was not expecting that kind of transformation for her, and thank you Matt for the shock factor there. I really liked how the team implemented Sasha’s personality into the suit, AND THEY BROUGHT BACK THE PONYTAIL! The fact that they implemented spikes as well was so perfect, the pink fire hair also is amazing, and in the moon fight scene it acted like a flame at the tip which made me love it even more. The only thing I would say about this outfit is I wish they would have kept the longer hair and made it like Anne’s hair in some way. Other than that it matched that one scene on the cave wall with the outfits in the stone. A SOLID 8.5/10 FOR SASHA EX!

Calamity Marcy EX
oh my god, there is so many good things to say about Mar-Mars outfit. First, let me just say how proud I am of Marcy for coming this far. She started out as a selfish individual (which I would defiantly do the same thing as she did) to a world saving caring person, all this time she cared for Anne, Sasha, and all of Amphibia. Anyways design time. This was my favorite design of the three I loved the green and white mixture and the fact they implemented the stones (which look like Peridot) into her outfit. THEY EVEN KEPT HER CAPE. I loved the overall design and it was so pleasing to look at I’m so glad we got to see this outfit and the gold boots are so good. Marcy has the coolest design apart from Sasha’s punk rock type outfit. I also enjoy the fade on her hair and her skill of the dice. Overall a 10/10 for Marcy!

I loved the last episode and how creative the trio was, let me know your opinions!


When I saw the girls’ transformations, it reminded me of Magic Knight Rayearth for a moment…