EVERYTIME -Warning: Enby 4 Enby, Gay people

Ok good point twas just a curious thought :slightly_smiling_face:

Willow forever!!! All hail willow!!


Be honest if you had to have a sleepover with one of the characters who’d y’all pick?

I am a willow simp all day lol

Amen fillerrrrrrrrrrrr

Only one? I’d choose either Luz or Willow cuz cuddle buddies lol

Ok fine 3 lol I don’t blame you

But be honest who’d give better cuddles based on opinion
(Joke) tinella
And that cat in the first episode

If there is anymore I can’t remember

That’s hard too :sob:
I need 4 cuz then I’d do Lumity, Willow, and Gus. Hex Squad sleepover lol
if it was 5 then Hunter is definitely coming too

Wooooo hexhide sleepover!

Depends on how close you are to them. But definitely Luz or Willow

Yep totally agree with that :+1:

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Lumity fanart is so cute :sob: :sparkles:

Here some more heart crushing cuteness

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I love abomination magic. It’s one of my favorite tracks :sweat_smile:

Yeah but tbh I’d study potions and bard mainly for making a amazing restaurant or bar lol


I just realized something…

Amity is a TOMATO :tomato:

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