EVERYTIME -Warning: Enby 4 Enby, Gay people

Yes she is lol

I’d study all tracks except Oracle cuz yes

Nice and I wish there wasn’t a 20 letter limit in these messages

I think this is the second version of this.


Sorry to say I don’t see a difference

How to make toh fans mad: (note I don’t mean any of this)

Step one: say that lumity will never be canon and it’s cringe

Step two: create weird art of gus and hunter

Step three: listen to the screams of toh fans being angry

Step four: apologize immediately and regret everything

Step five: congratulations there is no step five

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I am now gonna post something cursed who’s ready



What limit?

That’s something I would do :joy:

Oh my god this also aged like milk! They broke up with me 3 days after this post