Facts/things about Hexsquad members;

1.Hexsquad wouldn’t exist without Willow and Luz


Who da dack is that
Luz tried 2 times to open the door to see if they could get back in king’s tide
4. Luz spilled out Hunter’s secret, because “Hunter”/Belos told them her secret
Camila wants Luz to be in Boiling isles with Eda and be with her too
Camila got that pin right after Luz told her that she is bisexual

Hunter’s sexuality hasn’t still been told/I don’t find anything about his sexuality
Willow somehow managed to add these photos right after she took them+ these pics are took in the same day

9. Just adorable emoji’s

And also that text in the black card :joy: :two_hearts:

Correct if I’m wrong about something.


The fireflies I thought they charge Luz phone in the demon realm. I thought they were electric. Well electricity can cause fire I guess. But I remember the fire bees… oh they were fireflies… With Eda’s mom

Fireflies don’t actually catch fire :sob: :joy:

Yall know that pic with luz and amity eating ice cream? (Or was it a milkshake) Didn’t she say she was lactose intolerant in “ENchanted Grom”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

ice cream made without lactose :thinking:

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willow used this instant photo camera…
Polaroid cameras can be classified according to the type of film they use. The first Polaroids (before 1963) used reel film

But when did she put them into the book?