Full chapter three of BrokeGaze's poison-OC story and sorry its rushed a bit. READ TW

Im so sorry it took forever I had some mental health problems to deal with. Im gonna try to make every chapter four pages starting next chapter. This does mean it will take longer for chapters. Tw: Gore, gay cats, and a bit of suggesting ableism.

Chapter Three: “Rodent and a she-cat,” recanting where BrokeGaze lives; it’s now RiverClan.
BrokenGaze sat down, looking into ThunderClan. She watched the tiny Thunder Clan patrol as they hunted. When one of them went to drink and saw the gorgeous she-cat across the stream, she couldn’t take her eyes off her. Her pelt looked soft, and she looked pretty. BrokenGaze noticed IcePetal looking at her. BrokenGaze smiled at the blonde she-cat. “Hey, no flirting,” LilyHeart meowed, sneaking up to her. IcePetal jumped: “I swear, LilyHeart, you need to stop doing that!” IcePelt hissed, and her sister went back. IcePetal looked back at the she-cat. She was gone. BrokenGaze walked around the rest of the evening. By the time she returned to camp, everyone was sleeping. Why was she looking at me? Maybe I’ll try to talk to her. She thought as she fell asleep. “I think it’s a perfect name for her; I mean, just look at her”. SoftPelt whispered, “Exactly. She scares the kits; she even scares me!”. WolfFang said. BrokeGaze woke up and looked over at the two cats. “No one will ever love her”. BrokenGaze got up and walked past them. “Good morning,” RainFlurry said happily. “Good morning,” BrokenGaze answered. “I have to tell you something before I do. Promise me you won’t tell everyone,” Rainflurry said, trying to be quiet. “I promise,” BrokenGaze meowed. RainFlurry hesitated, saying, “I and RoseWater are having kits”. BrokenGaze started to smile whisker to whisker. She was overjoyed to be an aunt. “I think I’m going to cry right now. I can’t wait to meet them!”. RainFlurry walked over to RoseWater. “You’re going to the gathering tonight.” ShadowSpeck, the deputy, shouted over to BrokeGaze from a rock he was sitting on by the warrior’s den. BrokenGaze nodded. Night came she followed her clan mates to the great rock. “Hey you’re BrokenGaze right?” IcePetal asked “Yes I am!” BrokeGaze said excitedly. “I’m IcePetal the warrior that was staring at you about three moons ago. Sorry about that” IcePetal giggled. “It’s fine I was too shy to say anything” BrokenGaze mewed awkwardly. They talked the rest of the time. “I enjoyed talking to you BrokenGaze bye!,” IcePetal said she was grinning like a fool.IcePetal looked into her eyes “I did hope to see you again soon, bye IcePetal”. They both walked away with their clan mates back to camp. “So what happened, did you finally talk to her?” RainFlurry teased BrokenGaze. “Yes I did, it was lovely”. “Ooooo tell me all about it, leave no details out!”. BrokeGaze told him everything about how she spoke with her the whole gathering he kept teasing her. “All right I’m going to sleep. Night brother “Goodnight BrokeGaze”. Meanwhile in ThunderClan camp…. “Did you talk to your new crush?” LillyHeart asked her sister “Yeah I did but I’m not sure if she is into she-cats” IcePetal replied, “What’s her name?". "Her name is BrokeGaze. She was shy like me, and don’t be rude!” She talked with LillyHeart the rest of the night. IcePetal and BrokenGaze spoke every chance they could. Slowly BrokeGaze started to fall in love with her. “I’m telling you she isn’t like that. IcePetal is nice to me” BrokenGaze yelled at ShadowSpeck, " They had become friends after hunting with each other a few times. “As your friend and deputy I care about you a lot. With you only having one eye makes life harder for you” .“I’m just like anyone else” BrokeGaze hissed while storming off “Wait BrokenGaze! I didn’t mean it like that, I’m sorry…”. BrokenGaze was sick of everyone acting like she was helpless for only having one eye. She started to run, not noticing the tiny gap in the ground. Her back leg got stuck in the gap she shouted in pain her flesh was being scratched by the sharp rocks the more she pulled the worse it felt. The sun had set and nobody had found her. She started to panic. End of chapter three of BrokenGaze’s poison.


Here is the last chapter. And yes this is my story.

Keep in mind while reading im just a teenager who needs writing practice and wants to write their warriors character’s story.