Game of the Week

Inspired from @arv’s ‘what to watch on your next weekend’ and @The-owl-house’s ‘Song of the Day’ posts

This week’s game is: Dear Esther


Dear Esther is a 1-2 hour long exploration game by The Chinese Room recreated from a Half Life mod of the same name released in 2012

Game Summary:
You play as a character named Paul Jacobson. The game takes place on a desolate island in the Scottish Hebridean Archipelago as Paul loses he’s sense of reality after a car crash where Paul survives but his wife Esther died. As you explore the island a narrator reads out a letter for Esther
(don’t want to say too much more as i don’t want to spoil any story for anyone that is curious)

The game has an amazing soundtrack all composed by Jessica Curry

The game had a bit of controversy when it came out and still does to this day, mainly because its not considered a game by a bunch of people because of a lack of gameplay as i mentioned its a exploration game and given its very short playtime take that for what you will

My Rating:
7.5/10 I didn’t really care for its controversy because its short and the game had me thinking a lot throughout the game. the game is very relaxing and meditative in a way. the game had an interesting enough story to keep me intrigued and had some good theory crafting and a solid soundtrack.


can I request a game to put (also this seems very interesting I’ll look into it)

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Ooo clean presentation as well

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yeah sure requests are welcome

can u pls do doki doki literature club it’s a psychological horror dating game

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can definitely do that.
i’ve played it as well good game
i’m still debating if i want to do these posts daily or weekly

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nice who’s ur main bbg

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what does bbg stand for? it’s been years since i played it

it stands for baby girl lol
basically who do u like the most

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probably natsuki

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oh cool
imo yuri is the hottest but sayori is the best (yk since yuri may or may not be a psycopath)

Nice series man, I’m gonma like it a lot, you’ll see

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