Give me drawing ideas

Something like this :arrow_down:

Like give me characters (can be my oc’s or irl self) , bases ect.

:bangbang: ONLY :bangbang: Toh themed things


Que dibujo tan geniaaal lo amo :sob:

Can you draw Kyoko?


Could you draw string bean with a ghost version of flapjack

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Hmmmm a lumity moment or maybe huntlow or possibly something wholesome with your OCS (if you have any😁)

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Btw I did a new oc art- >:)

Ooooooh do show :smile_cat: I am intrigued

The topic’s named
“The end of the familytree…”

Ok interest me any further and I’ma start demanding links to it :relaxed: :joy:

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It sounds amazing :star_struck: filler

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