Good witch Azura theory!

how bout you learn to grow up :clown_face: @TUYU_addict bestie look at this mf

Did I ask for your opinon?

yes actually (filler)

How bout you go find a brain and stop causing drama buddy.

How about you learn to touch grass and respect the drip(I am literally satire, you look so dumb rn LMAOO)

I am so lost rn- KNJUST. GOT AWN

bestie this mf thinks they’re better because they have unoriginal comebacks

Tf did I do boy. Your just overdramatic.

I was just making a point.

you’re* (20 char filller)

“Making a point” Its a joke bro, and it’s not for you if you dont understand it. I’m literally satire (like my bestie)

hehe!! my life is a joke just like everythign i say!!! (which means my life isent a joke? idfk)

Oh- I actually didn’t know that- :sweat_smile:

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