Guess this is just a chat till I can delete it-

I’ll just wait then :skull:


yes i LOVE it when people have trauma and mental issues!!:heartpulse:

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Damnn, this boy was already been thrue so much, give him some rest :fearful::cold_sweat:


Solo queda un capítulo. No digas eso, capaz lo matan xdnt


NO!!! No rest EVER!!1!11!11!!11!!1!1!!!:rage: GRRGGRGRGRRRGR
you make me so mad im peeing,farting,vomiting,crying,shitting my insides out,CURLING MY TOES AND KICKINGMY FEET!!!11!!1!1

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Xd, cierto, Dana es capaz de hacerlo


That sounds so messed up :sob:


IKKK I JUST- Like I want to see wHy he’s so messed up and deprived of kindness???

yeah but like, the way that was phrased was messed up
(not like i’ve never said anything worse lol, i bullied an adopted kid, that’s how i got my username :sob:)

its supposed to,bbq pookie sprinkle fungus smhookums
download (1)

what the hell is wrong with you/srs

everything bbq. /srs

omg wait i dident read the orphan part💗

everything i have said here is satire dont cancel me

@everyone Tuyu addict is a bully omg :sob: :sob: :sob:/j
anyway boutta go fail my placement testing :slaying:

Shitted with anger :rage:

i bullied the orphan because the orphan was a bad person lmao
(yo im on a skool computer plpsplsss dont catch mee!1!!!1!!1!!)

ok makes sense but anyway PLS PLSM IM SORWY DONT CANCEL ME !!111!!1!1!!!11! (I JUST JOINED ABOUT A WEEJ AGO>>?)

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lmao no im not cancelling u I joined 4 days ago :sob:

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i wish i could delete my posts entirely sometimes cause they fr cringey asf and I CANT DO SHIT!!1!1!!!1111!!