How would your oc react to meeting my oc for the first time?

10/10,I love all the replies

my oc reaction < fillllerrrr>


also my oc reaction

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So cute! (Fillllllllllllllllller)

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My Oc, Iris would be literally so excited to meet your oc! On the other hand, my other oc who has a crush on Iris, would be very jealous :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

surprised that there is fourth dreamer…

Is one of the must cute oc I never seeeeeeeeeee

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Screenshot 2023-05-23 3.49.10 PM

Screenshot 2023-05-23 3.46.51 PM
Oliver loves h0m!c!d3 <3

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7/10,no murder /srs

10/10 for both reactions

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THey will never shut their mouth

9/10, it’s funny and cute

“wow! uh hi i wanted to say hi because you look really pretty haha. Also are you alright?”

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10/10,my oc would reply: thanks,and I’m fine

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Primero viene a ti, luego trata de saludar a tu OC y quiere tener una breve conversación contigo.
Emily (mi nombre de oc es Emily) habla de varias magias después de saludarte, pero al contrario de lo que tenía en mente, tiene una conversación muy larga contigo.

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