Huntlow theory ( Don't read my name 😭)

If you want to read something I’ve written, be prepared for spoilers

When Hunter is with Willow, you can tell he has crush on willow, but we’ve never seen any of Willow’s interest in Hunter. I wondered one night what Willow really thinks about Hunter. As the Hexsquad and Camilla search for Hunter and Luz YOU CAN hear Willow yell “Hunter!” and when Hunter/belos/belter is lifted out of the water Willow says “Be careful with him” and secondly at the end of the season we can see a little connection between the two, for example at the end of season 2 Willow was the only one who helped Hunter move when he was under the Day of Unity spell (It looked painful :sweat_smile:). Does Willow care about Hunter the same way Hunter cares about Willow, or is the feeling just one-sided? I’m also starting to think that the sexuality of most of the characters in the owl house has been told, but Hunter’s sexuality has not been revealed, I’m just wondering if it will be never revealed… And so by recent I meant that I haven’t found any information related to his sexuality. I think he is Bi or Staight :thinking:
Or Dana T will keep it a secret and let me continue my Hunter x Therapy ship in peace :sweat_smile:

Tell me what you think about the whole thing in the comments!

By the way…

I’m officially :sparkles: :heartpulse::purple_heart::blue_heart: Bi :heartpulse::purple_heart::blue_heart: :sparkles:

And sorry if I made any typos :sob:


to be fair, Luz was also heavily oblivious to Amity’s feelings to her for nearly a whole season, so it could be the same way with Huntlow :>


You can be bi and like non binary people, the two sexualities tend to overlap a bit, if youd like me to expand a bit id love to!


I have a feeling Willow might reject him if he were to confess in s 3 :') There hasnt been too much development in their relationship and I feel like Willow was only saying that because he was abt to die (literally 0_o) if she does like him back tho then YAAAAAAAAAAAA

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Willow entering " He’s just a friend/ She’s just a friend " competition with Season 1 Luz and Adrian :sob::skull:


what…??? bisexual is when you like 2 or more genders with out without preference pansexual is when you like every gender with no preference i think you got your research wrong, just correcting you on that

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as a polysexual, that’s what I use to define my sexuality- liking 3+ genders but not all :>
although yea both definitions for bisexual are technically correct. it’s whatever you’re comfortable with identifying with since it’s not too clear of an agreement :eyes:
as for the Huntlow theory, I think it’ll actually happen, just not to the extent of Lumity because of time-restraints

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Actually @Reverie they are right bisexual means you can like multiple genders but WITH preferences but pansexual means you like multiple genders WITHOUT preference
Here’s a link to a video I really like and it explains it well!


But we have never seen Willow park being interested in Hunter, unlike Amity and Luz.


hm, well I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens or it doesn’t either way- but over all the characters Hunter has been close to, he pretty clearly caught feelings for her; for that fact alone I wouldn’t be shocked if it happened is all :>


honestly, I think they would be cute! But I have a feeling that willow would do the card captor sakura thing where she kinda puts it to the side if he confesses, then would go to him last moment. But I’m not sure


I know that was my point ^_ ^