I have a guestion 💖

Could you draw my oc?
I don’t care if the drawing is about Ria or Akira.
If you are going to draw one of them or both of them, make a post and tag me in it. I want to see my oc’s in your artstyle + I want that you get love for your own art in it’s own topic.

Ps. Please, don’t reply this topic with the artpiece, make a own topic for it and tag me in it, also credit me as the owner of the oc/oc’s :sparkling_heart:


draw one that it’s hard to do it because I want a challenge

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podría dibujarlos pero no mandar el dibujo?
no tengo métodos de publicar el dibujo

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se me rompió el cel y sin el cel no tengo otra forma xd

Por supuesto que puede <3
(Usé un traductor, así que no sé lo que dije)


Ok, I 'll try to do one, but it will take time ;-;

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I’m already working on your oc as we speak XD

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oo I’ll attampt it later, rn my phones dying lol

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