I need sad songs please give

Me and kai broke up and I still love them so fucking much I would do anything for them. It’s the right person at the wrong time. I feel so angry yet I want to just kiss them and hold them close I want to stare into their rich, deep, enchanting eyes I just I feel empty and numb again anyway I need sad music

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Romantic homicide by d4vd.

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Oh no!:marina
You are satisfed?:marina
Hermit the frog:marina
Summer depresion:girl in red
I wanna be you gilfriend:girl in red
Smething in the way:nirvana
Blue monday:new order
Notion:the rare ocassions
I can’t handle change:roar


I’m sorry this happens to you . :frowning: I don’t think all these songs are Break up songs but they are still sort of sad songs.(also at least one of them talks about committing suicide.)

Sanna Nielsen - Undo

Frawley - if I don’t laugh I’ll cry

Tate McRae- feel like shit

Dean Lewis- Be alright

Leah Kate - 10 things I hate about you

Natalia Kills- devils don’t fly