It's bittersweet. Vent because I have no else to talk with

My partner just broke up with me. At first, I was angry; I wanted to slap them and scream, but now that I know it was to protect me, I feel so stupid. I still want to kiss and hold them, but I can’t anymore. I feel so alone and hurt. I have a feeling maybe it’s wishful thinking, but it just feels like the right person at the wrong time. It hurts so fucking much, I don’t care if it was only 3 months. I love them with my whole heart. I would kill myself if that meant they could smile again. Sorry, this is bittersweet. I just don’t have anybody to talk to; I’m alone, and honestly, I just want this to be a bad dream.


I’m sorry this happend to you :frowning:
I hope things get better for you

I don’t know what to say-
But I hope that things get better…

off topic but do you also laugh at your own SH-?

anyway i hope you can patch things up. i have hell attachment issues and have been grounded for four-five whole ass months. :stuck_out_tongue: i can possible relate to missing someone (excruciatingly…)

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Yes and this I have no words

omg were twinnin :stuck_out_tongue:

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