My Oc's backstory/ Toh Fanfic part 1


This story takes place about 20 years after the Day Of Unity (for now) :slight_smile: Enjoy!

As Mary shuffled through the attic she found a box marked “Luz’s Old Stuff”. Huh, she thought, Wonder whats in here. As she searched through the box she found an old phone. “Hey Autumn, come over here! I think I found something!” A curly orange-haired boy who was looking at some old books turned around. “Mary! Mom said not to touch anything. Put it back.” He said. “Come on.” Mary said, “It’s not like I’m gonna break i-” Before she could even finish her sentence, the phone slipped out of her hand and flew out the open window.

The room filled with awkward silence.

“Maybe it has a very protective case?” Mary finally said. Autumn just stared. He said, “We should probably clean up the phone before anyone sees it.” “OK, Let’s go!” Mary responded.

An hour later

“I can’t believe it still works.” Said Autumn as he and Mary were walking through the forest. Mary was filming on the phone which, somehow, was not in pieces. “Yeah, I can’t wait to show it to the crew.” Mary said.

" ‘The Crew’? What crew?"

“You know I’m talking about the people in Glyphs.”

“But why, ‘the crew’? We have a club name for a reason ya know!”

“Whatever, we’re here! Come on!”

Mary and Autumn walked up to a giant and ancient tree with the old glyphs carved into it. Around it sat another 7 kids. “Hey guys!” Mary said. Autumn’s 6 year old little sister, Raidelyn, came up “What took you guys so looooooong?” She pouted. “This!” Mary said as she held up the phone. “Hold on let me introduce you guys.” She pressed the record button.

She started talking to the phone “Hi, so my name is Maria or Mary Noceda Blight. I’m gonna introduce you to The Glyphs! I’m 14 and my specialty is Bard magic. The tan, brown haired, 18 year old witch over there is my sister Azura Mercedes Noceda Blight. She deals in Abomanations. The pale witch with blond hair and streaks of green is Summer Park, her thing is Plant magic and she’s also 14 and my BFF! And she has two younger brother who are twins!” She gestured to two young boys who were playing tag. “The blond one is Tracker Park who is into Potions and Healing magic, and the green haired one is Forest Park who likes Construction magic. They are both 7! Mr. Grumpy over here is Autumn Clawthorne who likes Beastkeeping. He’s 16. And he also has a little sister named Raidelyn Clawthorne, the blue haired witch. She is REALLY good at Illusions and she’s only 6! Last but not least is Ava! She sometimes pefers to be called Zee or Zero by her freinds. She is 14 and is half basilisk. Her specialty is obviously shapeshifting. That’s all for now, byeee!”

Sorry for it being long. Tell me if you want part 2! BTW Mary and Azura look like this:
Screenshot 2023-05-25 9.52.08 AM
They are not my Oc’s, I admit, but i just am creating a backstory and stuff or them for fun!


i was aboutta compliment u dammit…

:rofl: I just found the art on google. The link just says “Sloth on Tumblr”. I promise the rest of the Oc’s are mine and I’m making their art soon!

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