New oc (+ the sketch of him)

It’s bad, I know.
Anyway, basic info abt him before I start yapping;
Name; Raine Kaiser
Age; in start; 10’ish, now; 15-17’ish
Height; in start; 4’7 now; 6’0
powers; Unknown

He has/had developed a great shoulder n wrist pain thing, asthma AND anemia, but refuses to get help for any of em.
(hehe, just having most of the same bullsh*t his creator has xd)

He grew up with troubled and mentally draining family. One day, Raine left the village to find something to eat for his undeserving family since they couldn’t afford anything. When he came back, he found his whole family of 11 people murdered and burning, just like rest of the little village he was living. Raine wandered off into the higher parts of the cold ass mountains he lived on, also found his way down. Being so long time in the cold and snowy enviroment, he of course was frozen like a icicle and passed out near a water-rising river and drifted :sparkles: iiintooo the unknooowwwn :sparkles:cough cough Anyway… He was found by a group of scientists, who were fascinated by how he was still alive (keep in mind, he was half way into becoming an icicle, burnt chicken and he probably drink alotta salt wo’o while almost basicly drowning:,)…


SOOOOooooo, this backstory is still in work, so’s the oc, please credit me if u take inspo abt anything in this topic :sparkling_heart:


I’m gonna eat his hair (it looks fluffy like cotton candy)

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nuu don eat itt :c

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