Omg i had the worst but best dream

So in this dream I was practicing to fight belos with the hex squad. I practiced with a scythe. But then suddenly I accidentally hurt amity with it and now I’m too sorry for amity irl even though it’s a fictional character​:sob::sob::sob::sob:


Omg I’m jelous, I never have got Toh dream :sob:
That doesn’t mean that I can’t draw themm >:)

Amity would’ve been fine though- She is a tough cookie!

Poor Amity but she’s been through worse. I mean Odalia tho. That is why i feel so badly sorry for Amity.

Just like Odalia being her mom in general.

I dreamed this specific dream twice…And what made me feel worse was amity’s reactions :sob::sob::sob:

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I be having weird dreams like that too.

I think this means the demon relm is real! you guy we need to meet up and find the portal to the demon relm, destroy it and stay there for ever and learn magic

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