Parental issues/random ass hyperfixations coven

Where tf do I sign up

@Barcus meeeeee plssss

I found my people :sparkles:


Okay okay so Ima tell a bit about meee [idk what to do to]

  • My irl name that I go by is skye! But if you want you can just call me birb or whatever you feel
    most comfortable with
  • 13 about to be 14 in 6 months
  • He/she/they/it
  • Almost everyone in my family [by blood] hates for being queer except some cousins, my siblings, and a few aunts/uncles. [My birthgiver is confusing like shes verabally abusive but also not]
  • I will try to do my best but I sometimes say the wrong thing[s] so please let me know if I do anything that makes you uncomfortable or anything :>



I can make a private chat if u guys want


Wow, it’s my coven :000

@Alex_Loves_Anime <3

@Rootbeerisqueer yes, now , immediatly

i always forget to say that your name kinda sounds like like one character from my novel (?) , his name is Miako

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eh? is it? i didn’t know that. i pick randomly from goth japanese name from Google :rofl:

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