Season 3 Question

❀✿♫︎ Does anyone know if s3 is gonna be on Disney+? ❀✿♫︎


probably but disney+ doesnt really release stuff as it comes out so you’ll have to wait a bit… it should be on theowlclub after it airs tho

❀✿♫︎ Yeah I just didn’t know if it was gonna be tomorrow or not. I’ll probably watch it on here ig ❀✿♫︎

yeah, i think they’ll add it tmw morning? anyone confirm l?

cant really confirm but in like 2 or 3 hours itll go live on the owlclub live page ONLY IF its out on xfinity if not itll prob go up standard time

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you think it’ll prob be there tho right?

by 9pm est tomorrow most definitely, but with any luck itll be streamed in the live page in like 3 hours if it does go up

great thanks <3! i’m so freaking excited lmao

New episodes normally get to Disney plus about a month after they air live