Some unresolved questions in toh (until now)

1. The Bat Queen
Who was her owner?
Maybe a titan? (since she’s so big)

2. The Collector
Was he the one who made the titans dissapear?
His origins.
How are Luz and the others gonna defeat him?

3. King
Are the Boiling Isles his dad? (Maybe)

4. That strange Collector cult
How do they know the Collector?
Will they appear in other episodes?

5. Evelyn Clawthorne
Was she the one who built the portal?
What was she doing in the human realm?

6. The portal door
Who built it?

7. Hooty

8. Hunter
Is he going to stay in the Boiling Isles or go with Camila?

9. Next episodes
How will Luz return back to the human realm?

10. Vee
Car keys

I think are some more, but now my mind is :skull_and_crossbones:

I just did a History exam :eye: :lips: :eye: :+1:


i think that hunter would go back and forth in between the realms like eda does!!!

Interestinggg ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

No entender very mucho está cueshtion

so many questions but i just want to know if hooty is going to have legs


kasjkajskasa, yo igual hablo español
(usando google traductor)

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Omg that would be interesting

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About the Evalyn thing, If you watched Kings tide and thanks to them really carefully, YOU CAN SEE that Eda and Evelyn had the same cloaks and they looked very similar​:smiley::gun:

I though it was confirmed that the boiling isles was king’s dad? Maybe I’m wrong tho

  1. We don’t know who the owner was, and given the fact that she is so small in proportion to the titan that forms the isles, it’s unlikely that she was one of theirs, plus we haven’t seen a palismen with any demon besides a biped so we don’t know if they have the possibility to be used by titans.

  2. My working theory is that the collector and the titan trappers were in a war against the titans and killed them all, but then the demon that made the boiling isles sacrificed themselves and sealed the collector away in their skull.

  3. I’m pretty sure it’s been confirmed that it is, as we have seen king call the isles “dad”

  4. It’s probably that the cult hates titans and the collector hates titans and given that the collector is pretty much a living god we can infer that the cult just ended up worshiping him.

  5. It’s heavily implied that Evelyn was an ancestor to Eda and that the door was probably related to her, either that she built it directly or that she stole it from someone else and used it to travel between worlds.
    Same reason that Eda was in the human realms I assume, or that she was escaping from someone.

  6. Probably has something to do with Evelyn, no concrete evidence for anything yet.


  8. WHO KNOWS?!?!?!

  9. Probably something with eda sacrificing herself or some time pool shenanigans, but only time will tell.

  10. This might be my most far-fetched theory, but I think that it might have something to do with how buses exist, or maybe even that she walks there.

Sorry if there are any typos I really don’t want to re-read all this.

We saw king hugging the isles, so it is his family tho :two_hearts::sob: