Some1 ask me something

I’m so board :crazy_face: likeeee on a scale of 8-9 I’m a 14!!!:rage: live laugh SpongeBob​:heart::heart:
Anyway someone ask me anything or whatever I’m bored and need something to do


is the world a spoon?

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How was your day?

why do dogs chase cats ??

Why did the chicken cross the road road?
You would know what I’m singing.

Bc dogs r better it like when my brother is growing up I need to. Assert dominance by chasing him until he relizes I’m the favorite kid :smiling_face::smiling_face:

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omt bro ur evil :disappointed_relieved::broken_heart::broken_heart: jk i do that too tho im not the fav kid

Me in the background: assert dominace by chasing people… okay?