Soooooo I might like this guyyy [Crush dramaaaa]


First thing is yes I have a girlfriend I’m poly but haven’t dated two people at once YET.
His name is phoenix! They have curly short red and brown hair, I think his eyes are deep brown, soft pale skin, rosey lips, short, dresses goth, paints their nails black. I love his silly little laugh it’s cute oh and the way they can talk for hours I just really enjoy listening to his voice. The sad part is they like someone else [hes also poly but still it hurts to hear] but I’m not giving up yet! He likes to sew, do art, cook, and write. They have a pet dog


Ok friend, you’re in love, I know this feeling. Maybe you should speak with them for a little while, to see if he likes you too ig

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now i am your biggest shipper :yum:
PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU make updates if anything happens no matter good or bad

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I WILLL Im gonna wait a while to see how I feel I dont wann rush into anything

ofc better take it slow
and update if anything >:)

And does your girlfriend knows?
If not I think you should tell her so she can give you advice

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