!SPOILERS TO S3 E2! Predictions for s3 e3


Ok so Huntlow was confirmed! YAY

My predictions for the third episode are right here:

I really hope this WON’T happen but I think it might :sob: :sob:

We did see Flapjack die (RIP :sob:) and he was standing on a grave in this seasons poster but right opposite him… is Amity and her Palisman next to a grave (do you see where I am going? :sob: )
So I think that or Amity might die :sob:

It is either Hunter dies, Luz dies or Amity dies

I think if Hunter dies then he dies trying protect Willow or maybe Gus or even Luz

If Amity dies I think she was just protecting Luz

And if (I hope not) Luz dies I think she was trying to protect everyone or she gets possessed and dies afterwards

I feel like Willow and Gus will get stronger.

and Belos might possess Eda/Lillith or maybe even Hunter again

Also I feel like the last episode will be super sad

  1. because it is the last episode no more owl house :sob:

  2. I kinda feel like I will find a lot of deaths there…

  3. (You tell me one!)

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Ok so i doubt a main cast member dies but i suspect that there might be a grand battle like a bunch of collector clones VS the whole boiling isles as a game

Also at the beginning of the episode when luz was in the Mirror realm( the weird spiky and dark thing) we see a glowy guy looking for something or…someone

Could that be the collector’s father/big bro trying to find him?

Also Belos WILL have the most AGONIZING death in disney history
He has to…
It’s disney’s moral obligation at this point
As revengence for our boy flap


i think the spiky and dark thing is a titan trapper lost in the mirror realm. maybe bc the colector wanted to play with him and trapped him in there.

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i have two theorys about the mirror realm:
1.maybe the guy that was in the mirror realm at the beggining maybe tried to make a portal like Luz and he got trapped there when the portal closed and now hes trying to find a way out. (I’m editing this rn and my brother says that the guy in the mirror realm kind of looks like a titan with the skull looking thing on his head or something or maybe a titan traper stuck there. Maybe it’s completly wrong but it’s a theory my brother thought about.)

2.maybe when to collector transforms people into puppets their conscions selves go there and that their trying to hide and find a way out.(idk i made this theory and never talked about it)


I don’t know, but I think eda or luz could also die, something tells me that could happen.
I hope not, because if it does, I’ll need to go to a psychologist.


SAME Disney better be paying for us

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Or dana.
filler filler filler

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I’m just curious about how to get the puppets back to normal. That’s a problem as well. And also, you know where the titan trappers tried to sacrifice king to the collector. The plate thingy was broken. Maybe there already was another collector that was living in the isles? I’m not sure tho-


Okay not gonna lie I kinda want to see an epic death of one of the people in the group (Amity Luz Guz Willow or Hunter, or even maybe Camila) I think it would make the series a bit more dramatic but omg if ma boy dies (aka Hunter) I am getting therapist!

Also I think that the titan trappers will be able to find a way out and will join the puppets to defeat a few teens

Okay im posting this thing after for the future’s official release. What are we gonna do about possessed raine :sob::sob:

Ok, realisticly i dont think any of the main characters is going to die especially Luz or Amity, becouse Lumity is a big think that Dana fights for and it would be stupid to just ruin it like that, also Luz is THE main character so obviously she is going to live. So i think IF someone is going to die it wont be someone from the main cast or if it will be someone from the main cast they will somehow get revived (propably by the Collector)

(Sorry for spelling errors lol)

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Out of all the things I think I am most worried that Raeda might be over :sob:

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I kinda think Huner might die D:

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Maybe, but if he does he propably is going to get revived, idk i just dont see that any of the main characters dying for real would make sense. But maybe its just me