Tell me some good curse forms

:arrow_up: Quickly please!

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Make a circle with blood (or cherry juice) and say the name of the person your going to curse and say “Maledico tibi, non amo te valde ac spero gargoyle incidit in te”


Sorry to awnser late

what will that do :0
I wanna use it on my enemies

It depends of what are you going to do to your enemies i can give you some curses if wou want :3

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:DDDDD I want curses

all the curses ik…you need a sacrifice…

What enemies you have?

I thought you meant curse as in swearing and I was about to agressively spam colombian swear words LMAO.

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I thought the same thing brother, I almost brought out my inner devil

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same (rellenooooooo)

xd i don’t expexct that