The owl house is the best show in existance(please reply In English)


This is the best reason besides hooty


You can’t prove me wrong

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Definitely the owl house is the best series on planet earth
and you only need to see king and hooty to verify it


For me, it’s tied with Gravity Falls and The Dragon Prince


yes, I love those series too, although new seasons of the dragon prince have not been released yet :sob: :pensive:

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the season 4 is this year

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hang on let me see if i can make it bigger

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mamawebo digo glu glu glu

If everyone believes that king is the best character put the crown emoji in the chat

If hooty than the owl emoji in the chat

Love you fandom​:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

y e s its the best show

Yess the tho are good series!! ( sorry for my bad english)

I think it is, tied with Amphibia probably!

Edit: Oh! And I almost forgot about Gravity Falls! Thats also tied with the owl house!

There all awesome :owl: :owl: :owl:

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you couldn’t be less wrong :raised_back_of_hand::dizzy_face:

king is cool but ur forgetting… steve

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