There are so many hints that Luz's palismen could be a snake

lataus (49)

She there was even a shirt depicting a snake palisman, and when she was child she holded snake like bestfriend :sob::two_hearts:
And in the “The owl house” logo if you turn your phone upside down you can see that I and S form a snake palisman✨️
And her mother had picture of the snake on her bedside table :eyes:

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an powerfull theory the egg of snake


Maybe yes maybe no. Well know some months later. I CAN’T WAIT THAT LOOONG :weary:

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I can’t wait either, I’ll be heartbroken if Luz doesn’t have her egg with her :sob::broken_heart:

It could be a snake but IMAGINE if all of this was a wild goose chase and it ends up as an otter or something

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