Time for another rant

You ever feel like you’re annoying someone but you don’t want to ask if you’re annoying them because you feel like that makes you even more annoying?
There’s probably a good chance that I have Dissociate Identity Disorder or better known as Multiple Personality Disorder. I basically have three different consciousnesses (I’m saying all this loosely because I am not professionally diagnosed and I don’t want to self diagnose). One is my deadname. The second is a name I used to go by. And the last is the name I go by now which is Cyrus.
I just realized I went completely off topic then what I was originally talking about so i’m gonna stop now :sweat:

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Me: * Having three friendgroups *
Also me: * Having three personalities *
POV: * Groups get mixed up and you don’t know which personality to use *

Am I right :skull:


I’ve had that problem before :sweat_smile:
It causes some weird mood swings as well. I need more unhinged friends because some people don’t understand this stuff and just pass it off as other things

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Well, it happens to me sometimes

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