TOH minecraft serwer

Would you guys be interested in a TOH minecraft serwer? I thought it would be a good idea but i want to know if you guys think so to. It would be made with aternos (unless someone have somethink better to recommend lol) but everyone will get an password to the account to turn on the serwer if they want to play and its off. I can also make a discord serwer for ppl who want to join to comunicate and maybe voice chat (just to warn you guys i have a STRONG accent and it may be hard to understand me but i will do my best). We can also roleplay as our OCs or cannon TOH characters (pls dont claim characters yet, we will decide this things later) also we can build some sort of economy if you guys would be interested.

So guys, let me know what do you think about this and if you would be interested. Also suggestions are welcome. If there will be enough ppl who are interested i will made the serwer tommarow (its almost midnight in my timezone lol)


(In my timezone it’s midnight)
And also it sounds like very cool idea, also I get my computer parts from post feb 17th and I can finally :sparkles: fix :sparkles: it. So I would like to play in there : D
Also I have Java-
And also I would love to be in the discord sever, I can tease everyone and show my love on that way :sparkles:
And my bad manner of speaking in english is sh¡tty, so I think I will not be in the voice chats. I maybe embarrass myself by singing Despacito ans other songs what I grew up with/I love :rofl:


I would possibly play if it was made, yeah

Also, which minecraft do you have? Bedrock or Java, because I have both :]

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Si tuviera pc, le entrarĂ­a al instante.

Pero no tengo, y no puedo. Pero quiero que sepas que si te apoyo :]

Ah yeah i forgot it, it will be a Java serwer


Sorry but i dont speak spanish, can you write in english pls?

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English version of what they said;

If I had a pc, I would get in instantly. But I don’t have, and I can’t. But I want you to know that if I support you


Thank you, @RadialBot im sorry that you cant join but im glad you like the idea

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yo justo borre minecraft hace poco ;-;

A TOH minecraft serwer would be cool to play on. So yeah!

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Is it available on phone? Cuz i dont have minecaft on my pc -w-"

Im pretty sure its just for java edition so im afraid not

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If interested i can set up a 20 player server AND we could add electroblob’s wizadry to make it more TOH themed.

It’s gonna be a craked server (i dont own the game LEGALLY) but im 99.99% sure normal players can join too

Altough it has to wait untill friday/saturday cuz i dont have my laptop on me rn

You can get minecraft for free.

Look up Tlauncher in google

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Thanks! I will download it onxe i get home! But i heard alot of people cant download it