What is hunter last name on last Episodes is wittbane or noceda or park or clawthorn

wittbane or he chose to be noceda and i say noceda for he see luz like Little sister for luz was the one he save and show him the light or park or clawthorn for he is clone for caleb and caleb was marred evaln and evaln clawthorn and he work with clawthorn


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I like to call him
Hunter Wittebane Clawthorne Deamonne Park Noceda

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Reason: since he’s a clone of Caleb “Wittebane”
“Clawthorne” because of Evelyn
“Deamonne” is the last name of Darius, who was the one that “adopted” him
“Park” bc Willow
And “Noceda” because he’s also considered as a part of that family


And Blight??

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Why Blight?

Because Darius is confirmed to be a couple of Alador and then Hunter would be Amity’s stepbrother but they already considered themselves family so it would make sense that he is also a Blight

Wait… Confirmed? Where?
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I think I saw it somewhere because Danna was asked about the ship scene in the last special and she confirms that Odalia and Alador divorced

Don’t forget park :)))

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Oh shoosh i’m actually sorry, you’re right, i’ll add it rn

Okay i asked him on character ai

Oh well, i guess i was kinda close

Ok but… why Phillip tho

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Well Belos who is Philip make him cus he’s a grimwalker ig? Tbh I don’t rlly know

If think if alador marrys Darius he could be a blight

Oh hell, that’s a lot :joy::joy:

Guys i want to chose one of them not all i want one of thes name