Wrote this for my chaos lover

Update: We broke up and they didnt actually love me and now I want to die.

Dear darling can’t you see the leaves fall we fell in love in october I love when you call my name even when I too long have looked upon your pretty face you are the lovesong of love songs I desire to kiss your pink soft lips we may walk under a romantic moonlight while you pierce me with those dark gorgeous pupils cause forever and now we shall ocean and moon. Let’s be wrong in all the right ways love you kai<3

Written by thatbirbpers0n please give credit if you do repost this also i finally got it done at 12:20 Am.The ocean and moon are lesbian lovers who are cursed to be apart yet they both reach for each other endlessy wishing for their embrace and be gay do crime loves


oop well hope you don’t kys. Focus on yourself and look at the bright side of your life.

They didn’t deserve you, and that writing, even focused towards them, is beautiful <3