Are people really tryna call me out

I told an 11 year old (@ flicklashe) that she wasn’t aroace because well
she’s 11
I wasn’t being rude, I was using science… she hasn’t gotten her s3xual hormones yet

Yet people are trying to get me banned for it

I think you’re right, I mean, she still a little young to even have social networks, or feel things for others
But there’s not much you can do about it, it’s their parents’ problem what they do with their daughter
It doesn’t seem like a reason to ban you but I personally think it’s better to let her learn on her own why she shouldn’t have social networks yet
(Sorry if I was rude or there were mistakes in what I wrote)

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Her parents don’t even know - And she said they would kick her off if they did, which means she’s sneaking around permission

But yes, I agree with you! And don’t worry, you wrote fine :)

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Well, let her get herself in trouble