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HA! It sucks to be you

I feel like I miiiiightttt have adhd. I was just bored one day and I decided to take random tests about myself and I took a few adhd tests and they all said that I most likely have it. I wish I could tell my parents and see if I actually have it, but I can’t because they wouldn’t believe anything that I might think about myself. I tried telling my sister once and I was like “Uh, so I might have adhd. I took a test and I got 44/58” that was after I took the first test. Then she was like “No. You don’t.” bro like you don’t see any adhd symptoms from me? I can’t sit still for one minute, I get distracted by other stuff while trying to do chores or homework, I fidget with my fingers a lot, I’m always losing items and not turning a few assignments in on time, etc. (I just heard that those were symptoms of adhd, correct me if I’m wrong.)

So yea, I really think I have adhd.
And I have to keep self-diagnosing myself because my parents never notice anything about me and I don’t want them to start thinking that I should go to therapy for it or anything, because I don’t trust that kind of stuff, like why would I share all of my personal stuff with a person that I barely know. I would rather choose to go venting online or to my very close friends or lovers because it’s FREE and I trust them. And if I tell them that I think I might have depression, then they would take me to really get diagnosed and then I’d have to take depression pills, which I know they don’t do anything at all and I know that because my sister suffered through depression and had to take them.

Yeah, those are all symptoms of adhd and It does sound like you might have it. Try taking some more online tests and just compare of your results if you want so that if you ever do want a real adhd test that’s diagnosed, you have evidence for why you might have it.
Also, I get the point with therapy, you shouldn’t have to pay to vent to a stranger even if they are a professional. If you need to vent to anyone online, I’m always here and you can dm me if you want. I hope it gets better for you ://

Online tests are not diagnostic tools.

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online tests are not necessarily the best place to diagnose.
there are online seminars with ppl that know what their talking about
maybe try those if your comfortable but other than that
try your best to get through to your parents
its extremely hard to deal with such on your own

This ^
Online tests are not diagnostic tools, and there is always a disclaimer on them that says that. The fact that you’re trying to use them that way is frankly gross.

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dw lmao
quick question
how did u get diagnosed for adhd/tism
idrk what u’ve got i just guessed correct me if im wrong :sob: :sob:

Ask your therapist and list your symptoms, they can refer you to an actual doctor!!

do you think that online seminars with said doctors can help
or should there be further investigation/diagnostics…?

Yeah!! As long as the doctor is certified in the specific condition
Though further investigation is good too :)

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this ^
It can be helpful in self diagnosis as part of research but IS NOT A DIAGNOSIS!!! Try to listen to things from people with ADHD/ASD and hear what they have to say, if you agree, you should do more research etc etc….
it took me a while to figure out i had asd because i wasnt a monotone, expressionless, super sensory issues kid but i still had severe social deficits unexplained by SCD or ADHD. Thats when i found it may be asd and did research for several months. my school even tested me and results said i was indicative of the neurotype.
just do research and be honest with yourself

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