Guys I got a favor for yall

As I said before, this is my OC Iris Neruda. Please ask me anything about her. Like lore, backstory,etc. Literally ANYTHING


Why does she have different eyes color

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Well, her brother hurt her with oracle magic. And it cause a big scar which led into an odd eye. Her eye color changes whenever she uses different types of magic too!

Very interesting
And the necklace she wears means something?

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That’s a button :sob::sob: sobb

I didn’t understand it :sweat_smile:

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Nahh it’s okay. I’D THINK THE SAME THING AS WELL :smiley:

cause THEIR**** depressed nd their*? mascara got in their?** eyes from vrying so hard

Uhh no its kinda because of the infection of the scar…

erm… how do your… know… asrumer… (/j)

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