I was at school and this kid just made fun of me for being 13 and wearing cat ears and that I used to have a crush on Hunter and Amity and that owl house is a kids show

:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:and yet that kid sounds like a whiney az toddler singing gibberish!!!

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Yeah don’t listen to them- They just think it’s cool to be a :eggplant:- Just shows their own insecurities

Okay… :sob: one of them said they were bisexual and now they say they are straight and I’m confused now…

And I said I was

And one of them were religious and I think they were Jewish or something and I just felt something weird like negative emotions just… entered my body… idk what he did some weird magic or what… im not makin fun of his beliefs it just gosh man no need to be so judgy you should know thats a sin too!

Can’t be much worse than telling a christian straight boy that you’re a satanist- They went off on me for no reason like I was a bad person-

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Oh my Gosh… I can imagine the amount of criticism they must of given you. I’m agnostic tbh idk if there is a God.

Honestly to me idc what you believe in- just don’t go and try to force it onto others and especially don’t threaten someone for believing something different from what you believe in- I may not know if there’s a god but I will speak from personal experience, I know that spirits are real- I’ve seen an actual spirit right in front of my eyes before- It scared me but now it’s kinda reassuring for me-

It’s like the vegan teacher forcing you to be vegan but worse.

I’ve always seen din jins in my room and other places. And my sleep paralysis demon. I’ve also heard my ear ring and smelled smoke before and I’ve felt a spirit before. And I couldn’t move my body on my bed…

Oh my titan yeah :joy: :sob: Alright i gtg now I’ll be back in like 2 hours probably-

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Oh okay sorry talk to ya later buddy

Don’t listen to them, they only criticize because they have nothing to do.
The same thing happened to me, they told me that I shouldn’t watch series for children, I’m too old for that.
but what’s wrong with them, in short, the hyponetusa xd

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The people who make fun of me literally watches Bluey Pocayo and stuff. And they still play Minecraft and stuff.
And I pointed that out to them and they started yelling at me to shut up because they know they are to old to watch that too XD
And they both have a naggy voice that sounds like the human version of a mosquito holding their nose speaking gibberish and talking about inconsequential stuff. XD every time they talk I Wanna go smack em with a chancla!!! And smear them on the wall.

XD, what a good move, pocoyo jakhsadka.
a friend who criticizes me for my tastes, likes fnf (funkin night friday) and it’s furro.
and the worst thing is that I respect his tastes but he does not, I think he is not a good friend after all.

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That so called “friend” isn’t or never was your “friend” then… If he doesn’t respect your tastes. I’ve had maney of those kinds of “friends” in the past. I nick name em one of them I named AZZLEY her real name Ashley but I call her AZZLEY because my friend said she smells like azz. But she doesn’t actually. And I call her that cuz she’s a pain in the azz to deal with. And her code name is Hezzlah AZZLEY spelled backwards but I changed the letters a bit so it’s easier to pronounce and also because I don’t want her to figure out.

yes, we rarely talk, but those few times, he always has to say something that makes me uncomfortable and he speaks without caring if the other person is hurt by that comment.
well, he has already gone to another city, I am not in contact with him.

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Your friend seems very egocentric. And or narcissistic. One question do they gaslight what you say?

Yes he is, and he is quite vain.
I introduced him to a friend once, but she said she didn’t like him very much, plus he’s almost always getting into trouble and that leads me to get into his problems, which I don’t like.
I don’t really like gaslighting.

I deal with my mom gaslighting me and people at school gaslighting everyday. My mom used to say I am the Spawn of Satan because I used to beat the heck outta her and left bruises all over her arm. Well she over exaggerated what I did…

Have you ever tried to forgive yourself with her?
I also fought with my mother

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Yeah she believe me cuz I do it again even tho she’s a hipicrit… that’s easier said than done for my mom