OC Artists Needed!

Lookkng for artists if you want something to do!

alright! Sylvia is a witch with Black hair just below their shoulders, a medium-sized scar stretching from the base of their neck to just below their collarbone, they have yellow eyes, and kind of a Hunter skin tone. They are also a transwoman so remember to draw them with a feminine face and body shape please!


  • Black Cape with a Owl Clasp
  • A dark gray shirt with a single eye on it, (similar to the portal door eye, but light grey instead of yellow)
  • Converse with King’s light glyph wear the converse logo should be
  • Black jeans with a chain on the left side
  • Black circle earings (like Luz’s)
  • A Black/dark grey owl Palisman similar to Owlbert but with a scar on their right eye
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I want to do it :heart:

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Ill also, is it ok to make it in the owl house style?


sorry for late reply! yes!

tysm Oly!

Hihi! just checking, are you still working on it? If you don’t have time or don’t want to do it anymore just lmk!

@Olympiardm is the best artist i know ^^

frfr I have so much art they drew me

Sorry! I saw someone else did the owl house one and i gave up😰

If you’d like, you can still do it!

Is it ok if i dont? (Fillllllllller)

sure i said If you’d like, so if you do not like, you dont have to