(OOC) Does anyone wanna do a TOC OC Roleplay

(OOC) Basically, we can have Penstagram Accounts for OCs and have your OCS post on it in character. Like an Hexside student oc might know another hexside student oc.


Sounds like a pretty cool idea

I didn’t understand goodly, but sounds fun + can I be part of it?

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I would like to but I don’t have OC :pensive::facepunch:

Like a roleplay account? sure.


Ooooo sound so fun I’m in!





That does sound fun lmao. Count me in :hushed:


(OOC) Sure! Just make an account for your OC!


I can’t, I have only 1 email.


I’m def in on it

can i join the oc rp?,this is my oc Falkor he is a reptile like species that can perform magic,Falkor is mostly shy and reserved.
(Sry for talking a bit much )


You got it mate. Not a hexide student as i learn magic from the isles but still good idea

Also im writing this on my way home and…hold on…something is following me…

Gonna go investigate it will update later

Update: I got jumped by a strange gooey monster thing. I got a few scrapes but nothing that cant heal in a few days/weeks.

Sadly the thing ran away before i took a picture of it, but it was on all 4s, was covered in a thick greenish goo that also got into the cuts it left and it had deer like horns

I got home and i feel…funny to say the least and for some reason i want to attack my palisman…idk why but untill i get checked by a doc i sent the little fella to my sister to take care of him


I know this was 5 days ago but uh- i wanna join- XD is this like a discord server or smt?

And my oc is 16 yrs old named zky, four eared witch, in the illusion, potion, beast keeping and healing coven

Dracowizard posted a pic:


“Abomination looks kinda funny”

(Is this good for rp?)

Omg can my OC join???

Apparently I think My OC CAN join!!!

(From here it’s my OC talking lol I have no idea why I put this here)
My name is Iris Neruda!
I’m currently 14 and I was born on December 3rd.
So, basically I was a student from St.Epiderm but I transferred to Hexside because of friend issues ;>; I heard Hexside has multie tracks!(If that’s what it’s called) So I am studying bard magic and healing. And if you see me around please don’t talk about “ThE InfAmOus LuKaS NerUDa” Ugh I hate him- Anyways this is all about me :>

(So Iris used to love to be part of the emperors coven but now she hates it. And if there is one thing she appreciates about her brother is that he stopped her from getting a sigil because he said she was too young and naive to know about the coven system)


Wait- this is too long I just wrote a whole description! And it’s not even the whole description!:<

that sounds fun, i’m in if you’ll have me, (know im late)