Part 2 about the boy

My bff was using my computer to search something and there was a anime named “Blue p3riod”
And the same boy asked “Is it really blue?”
(He means p3riod blood)
And I traumatized him telling everything about p3riod, and he had to hear 2 horryfying stories on the same day thanks to me <3

Oh god yeah I can confirm- That is traumatizing for a boy to hear-


He will not sleep and if he does, I make sure that on monday he will not sleep <3

The Metal Family is awesome

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I know right : D

I’m on the poker episode. Glam and Dee are amazing. Dee is my favorite character now

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Yay we have the same fav character : D

Ok I have two favorite characters. Dee and Chive

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Wait are you that far already-

I’m on episode 5! And the episodes are fairly short

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Yeh, my favourite episode is 10 from s1 and 2 from s2

Ah ok!

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