What do you think Luz's Palismen would be?

What do y’all think Luz’s Palismen would be?

Honestly, I’m really leaning toward a snake but I really want to hear what other people think.


A snake, a bird or an otter (with a dark side)


Does this have to do with the fact she thought she had snakes for arms?

I’m feelin’ otter or purple cat


a snake withwings 01001

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SNAKE. first because she treats it like a snake egg second int the into it shows to staffs Eda’s and then another one when it lines up the S and the l to make it look like a snake staff. Also if you look at the egg she has there is a hidden snake

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I think hers will be a bat, there is a lot of bat and cat imagery with Amity and her, and Amity’s palisman is a cat.

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the first thing to really introduce us to luz was her book report that used snakes, plus the memory of Camila where Luz called the shed skin of the snake “pajamas”.

I see

still call on otter tho

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either a snake or a bird- or a snake with wings

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I found you haha, hi there! T’is me!

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I mean, I’m leaning toward a snake. It has been foreshadowed, with the whole finding snake skin, the intro, ect.


(=not equal 20-)

Why must you hurt me in this way?

(Also I never said I wanted it to be that, I want it to be an otter but LOGICALLY SPEAKING-)

sowwy, also fair enought thooo

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Snake, definitely snake. or maybe dragon idk all I know is I think it’s a serpent.

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Go check my Luz palismen post :smiley:
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Wtf do you mean by that :,)

Honestly I think it could be an otter

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A snake, lol or the soul of the titan